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Based in Paris with a strong connection to Spain, Pablo Porlan initially spent 15 years in the field of education before embarking on a career in photography. He earned a degree in General Photography from the IEFC in Barcelona in 2010 and further specialized in multimedia photojournalism at EMI-CFD in Paris in 2014. His time at EMI-CFD led to him becoming a finalist in the Grand Prix Photoreportage Paris-Match in 2014 and exhibiting his work during the Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme in the same year. Following his transition to photography, he gained recognition for organizing events related to photobooks, photo zines, and self-edition of photography, collaborating with entities such as Le Paris Photobookclub, Le PhotobookFest, and the publishing house Maria Inc.

Subsequently, he has cultivated his career as a photojournalist (JRI Photo), taking on assignments in both the press and corporate sectors, as well as engaging with events and associations. In his personal projects, he draws inspiration from his close connection and empathy with his subjects, fostering strong collaborative relationships with them. His work revolves around critical issues shaping contemporary society, encompassing themes such as climate change, emerging social movements, alternative lifestyles, and the concept of fame and representation. In 2019, he joined the Hans Lucas Photo Agency. Additionally, since 2015, he has been teaching photography at various cultural venues, and as of 2021, he expanded his teaching role to include the French national education system.



Please do not hesitate to ask for a full CV and Portfolio here:

+ 33 6 58 09 72 33

FB: PabloPorlan.Photo.Video
Instagram: @le_pableanderthal
Twitter: @pabloporlan

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